“It’s the Reel Deal”

Sure you have a lot of references, a high GPA, a nice cover letter and resume, but in this industry that doesn’t nearly matter, as much as, a reel does. Being able to display your talents and show the employer what you are capable of is key.

Let’s take a step back for a second…. to have a good reel you have to get the experience. You have to take the initiative to get involved wherever you can. For me, I had my own radio show called “The Score” my freshman year with two other seniors. I did that for about a year and then switched to television where I started as a sports reporter/sports anchor. I later climbed the ladder to sports producer and assistant sports director. Enough of me… back to helping you guys!

Let’s dig deeper into the nuts and bolts of making your reel. I found a fantastic site that includes: 5 things you should do for your demo reel 1.) Practice, Practice, Practice 2.) Show your versatility 3.) Look professional 4.) Work your contacts first, then try to make new contacts 5.) Embrace technology. All that and more on “How to Make a TV Demo Reel.”

Hope that link helps! If not, there is more. I found another website that includes a  video with more helpful advice on building your reel. It even includes how some ESPN anchors started their careers. Click this link “Become a Sportscaster.”

I can’t stress this enough how important having a good reel is. What I took away from the websites above is that you have 30-seconds to get an employer’s attention. That’s not a lot of time. You need to instantly impress!


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