Advice from the Experts

During my internship over the summer I have met many professional athletes including Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Braun, which was awesome! I was also fortunate enough to pick the brain of Packers reporter Jason Wilde. Here is one quote that stood out.

“You have to find your role and make sure that it not only helps our team and helps the people around you and your teammates, but find a way to make it take a step in your career too,” Wilde said. “Look it doesn’t help me and it doesn’t help you to go plug my meter or to go get me coffee. Take every opportunity you can to learn something.  Soak in and be a sponge on every single opportunity and then once you kind of find your path and realize what you want to do whether it’s marketing, writing, radio, production then pursue that and find what you’re passionate about here and make that your own.”- Jason Wilde Packer’s Reporter

I thought everything he said was very helpful and true. Jason Wilde also has his own blog at ESPN He has a lot of great work and inside Packer coverage! Be sure to check it out! You can also find Jason Wilde on Twitter, where he is very active.

What makes the difference between a good sports broadcaster and a great one? Sportscaster Steve Berthiaume of ESPN explains.

“There are two types of people I come across in this profession. The first type is the person who views this job as a genuine craft or vocation. It’s a unique job with a specific skill set. That skill set needs to be observed, honed, practiced, studied and refined. It’s a profession, a craft and should be treated as such; with the proper amount of focus, preparation and dedication to detail.

“The second type, is the person who simply wants to be on television,” says the host of ESPN’s Baseball Tonight, “they are pleased just to see their faces on the screen and have cameras pointed at them, whether it’s doing sports, news, entertainment, traffic reports, whatever. It would seem to make little difference to them to be hosting a game show or playing a villain on a soap opera; they’re on television – mission accomplished. My advice to young people is simple: Be that first person. Never consider being the second.”

Many interns expect all sorts of things for their first internship. I found a great website that can help you prepare for the unexpected. The site is full of videos with great advice on internships and more! Click here


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