Want to become a “Superstar” Intern?

Experience.. experience… experience. Before you become a “Superstar” intern, you need to have a ton of valuable experience to get that internship. For me, having that experience was huge. It tells the employer a lot about yourself and that you’re very capable and ready. Here is a link that reinforces my point.

Now let’s get to becoming “Superstar” intern (In Molly Shannon’s voice)

Well.. that was fun… and comical… and horrible….

Back to what’s going to make you a “Superstar” intern!

Getting that first internship is hard. Making a lasting impression on the company is a different level of “hard.” This past summer I interned with ESPN Milwaukee and making a big impression was one of my main goals. It’s easier said then done one might say. Yes, indeed it is! For me it all started with learning to always say “yes.” It doesn’t matter if you already worked 12 days in a row and they want you to work 15. YOU SAY YES!! Why? For the simple reason that not everyone will. What that gains you is, right away you are differentiating yourself from the rest. That is exactly what you want. It also shows commitment to the company and that your willing to do anything!

Next… it might sound dumb, but putting a smile on your face everyday is important! It shows that you always have a positive attitude. People will want to work with you more. Trust me. Smile! It will go a long way. No one wants to work with someone who is depressed and complains all the time. Companies hire people who have a strong work ethic and do a nice job, but they also hire people they like! Be like-able and try to establish relationships with everyone right away!

Another lesson I learned at ESPN and it’s to always play to the level above you. If you’re an intern act and work as if you’re part-time, etc.

Something else I learned from ESPN was to live and die by the 5 core values:

1.) Be honest 2.) Work hard 3.) Follow through 4.) Over deliver 5.) Listen

If you can follow these 5 core values in every situation you will be successful!

Lastly, outworking you colleagues is key! It is a competition for a future job whether you think so or not. Everyday try and go the extra mile. Whether it’s doing something without being asked, staying later then your suppose to or taking on one more project. Whatever it may be, it will help you out tremendously in the long run.

Here is another link that lists more keys to becoming a successful intern… or as I would say it… a “Superstar” intern!


One thought on “Want to become a “Superstar” Intern?

  1. I enjoyed reading your post, you have good tips and advice on internships. I’ve been working mine for almost 4 years now and I agree with the advice you give. I will be sure to follow along as you post more.

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